Saturday, August 7, 2010

At Last... Some Underwater Photos

For the past several weeks I've been trying to find a way to describe to all of you how astoundingly beautiful the underwater scenery is here, but without success. I finally now have some photographs to share with you. However even they can't come close to capturing the incredible beauty that's underneath the waves here. But anyway, here they are...

This first one was taken in one of the many many caves that criss-cross the big reef in the Fowl Cay area. There are hundreds of thousands of tiny silver fish that make the cave their home. It's an amazing experience to swim through the middle of this school of fish, especially when it's in a cave or a big crevasse.

The next picture is a photo of me swimming through one of those schools of silver fishes. Obviously I didn't take the photo. In fact, I didn't take any of the photos you'll see in today's blog. I was with a dive tour company and the dive master had an underwater camera. (Judie will snorkel with me, but she's not quite willing yet to try scuba. Maybe I'll get her to do it next year... Or maybe not.)

And here's yet another one of me. This time (in the photo below, not the one above) I'm not in the cave. I'm just swimming through a coral area. The coral wasn't nearly as dense in this photo as it was in other places. Many of the places are composed of huge regions of densely packed corals of all different types. I really wish I could show you a picture of those, but the dive master didn't take any pictures there. So you'll just have to settle for this one. (I really need to get myself a good underwater camera. I've tried those cheapies that you use once and then throw away, but the pictures never come out good at all. )

By the way... in case anybody's curious... Yesterday Judie and I decided to return to the main metropolis here in Marsh Harbor. We had planned to go somewhere else, but the outboard motor on our dinghy died yet again so we changed our plans. We came back here (to the "big city") in order to have the outboard engine repaired. While we were here I decided to hook up with the dive tour company to do some more scuba diving while Judie just relaxed on our boat.

The outboard engine for the dinghy is now repaired, so tomorrow Judie and I will head off again. We're thinking to go out relatively far from the islands this time to do some deep-sea fishing (pulling a lure behind the boat while we sail along). However, we might not. We'll see what happens and we'll update you later.

Bye for now,

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