Saturday, August 14, 2010

Catching up


The Internet service we purchased for our time in the Bahamas seemed promising. Outer Island Internet, sounded REAL good. However, the this has to talk to the that and if the other has its back turned things just don't work out as planned. Needless to say we didn't always have Internet access.

We are in Florida now and the Internet gods do seem to be smiling upon us so I'll do a bit of catching up.

That's the best you got?

As we were leaving Marsh Harbour we saw a small squall and decided to motor out of its path. Seeing the puny boat trying to escape, it began the chase and soon caught up to us. It was awesome watching the line of the storm approach. It pelted our boat briefly and passed on its way. Doug looked to the heavens and asked, "That's the best you got?"

It wasn't. The storm came back with a vengeance. A waterfall fell from the bimini to the seat cushions, gushing from the down spout beneath the seat cushions to form a turbulent mass swirling about Doug's feet before descending through the drain on the cockpit floor.

It rained and rained and rained. Doug looked like a drowned rat at the helm and she who did not mock the gods found shelter under the dodger.

Eventually the rains ceased and we continued our outing.

Fishing on the ocean

We went out the Man-o-War cut leaving the Sea of Abaco behind to fish in the ocean. We pulled a line behind the boat but there was little chance of catching a fish. The winds were wonderful and it would have taken a very fast, suicidal fish to chase down the hook as we had the boat over 8 knots on occasion .

Green Turtle Cay

We picked up a mooring ball in the Black Sound Harbour near evening and were relaxing on deck when I heard a very distinctive sound. Very near the boat I saw a fin disappear beneath the water. Doug and I got to see a pod of dolphins coming into the harbour for the evening.


We took the dinghy over to the settlement of New Plymouth and rented a golf cart. We were on a quest to find the restaurant Pineapples. Following the signs we left the paved road and dodged pot holes when we could and bounced about the seat when we couldn't. Every time we were certain that we were on the wrong road, a pineapple shaped sign would appear encouraging us to continue.

We finally arrived. Plunked ourselves down at the bar and were promptly ignored. Eventually we were acknowledged. She brought us our cokes and took our order. Thoughtful lady that she was she BLASTED the music and Doug and I were driven from the dry comfort of the bar stool the the wet seat of a picnic table. We did eventually get our food, and I do mean eventually. If this is the way she treats clients, I never, ever want to get on her bad side!

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